What's in a name

In 1982, we started out at the PCjr Little Opus BBS.  It was a BBS system set up to run under PC DOS 3.0, on a very enhanced IBM PCjr.  Our mission was to support the owners of the IBM PCjr's with support files, information on aftermarket companies, as well as provide access to a national e-mail system.

We affiliated with FidoNet™ and FamilyNet™ to transfer e-mail and newsgroups, which were known then as e-mail conferences.  All of the mail was sent via the telephone lines at often tremendous expense. 

Because things rapidly change, and the IBM PCjr users dwindled so rapidly, it became obvious that to maintain so recognition in the BBS world, I would have to change names.  The whole concept of BBSing involved countless computers, working together, in an orderly fashion, to get the job done.  Hence, the name, Syn'er-gis'tic Computing C.B.C.S. (Computer Based Conversation Systems).

BBSing became a very outdated way to communicate with the introduction of he internet to the general population, so in 1998 we closed down the BBS.  We had made use of the internet to pass the messages instead of the telephone companies, with the advent of various programs like MailGate™, and TransX™.

Over the years, we were required to most of the renovations to the computers.  Upgrades, replacement of components, and even building from scratch computers to operate the BBS.  We had to create innovative screens, to make the BBS attractive and easy to use.  With that experience, we now build, repairs, and consult on computer equipment.  We also develop and design web pages for hosting sites.

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