This link will give you a little bit of business information that may spur your interest. Both links are related. While the Mall site is online, it is available for users and shoppers since September 1, 1999. The Mall will be the largest VIRTUAL Mall, available ONLY to US and Canada shoppers, ever created. There are ground floor opportunities available to interested persons during this pre-launch introduction of this Unique Digital Experience. If you want to stay updated on this as it progesses, there is a link on "" site, where you may enter your name and e-Mail address.

I would suggest you leave me a message at and I will be pleased to keep you posted on updated information. Why not take a look now, and if your interested, drop me an e-Mail message with your name and e-mail address, and that you are interested in recieving more information. I will send you the passcodes needed to enter the sites. You can include telephone, voicemail, or fax numbers if you wish.



e-Mail me for access codes


A Unique Digital Experience: Opens September 1, 1999

e-Mail me for passcodes




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Download Some Cool Website Software Now!


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